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Fundacja Active Kids


The "Active Kids" Foundation, even though it was founded at the end of 2017, is very active in the field of social, cultural, ethnic and geographical inclusion. Through its activities based mainly on the theater of the oppressed - forum theater. The Active Kids Foundation, is very active in the field of social, cultural, ethnic and geographical inclusion.

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Is a Spanish peer-run institution that contributes to create long-term links between different persons and organizations. An NGO that promotes sustainable development, inclusion and importance of volunteering culture. The organization focuses on institutional capacity-building for individuals and institutions through local training programs, workshops, as well as creation of partnerships with other institutions internationally providing a platform for the exchange of experiences.



The Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) is a Vietnamese non-governmental organisation focusing on youth empowerment, community development and international
volunteer exchange. Founded in 2009 and based in Hanoi, Vietnam, CSDS develops and implements programs in different areas of the country to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam. Our mission is to empower and support youth by providing them the skills and opportunities they need in order to become agents of sustainable change and development in their communities.

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Young Professional Development Society Nepal


Young Professional Development Society Nepal (YPDSN) is a NGO, working in Nepal since 2013. YPDSN is accredited NGO by International Youth Federation, UK. The major areas of work include youth professional development, youth and women empowerment, education and livelihood promotion, health and research. We aspire to improve the living conditions of the poor & marginalized by adopting strategies through community initiative, participation and sensitization.

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